Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Call Me Mrs. Merry Maid

This winter has been one of illness for our family. We've passed around a tummy virus, strep throat, flu, plus some other unidentified cold-like symptoms. With 6 people in the household, some of these illnesses have lingered for longer than necessary, making certain we were aware of their prescense, I suppose.
There are some winters that the kids get sick, and I'm able to steer clear. This has not been one of those winters. I've been sick.
While recouping though, I mentally went through each room of our house, writing down what needs to be done. There are items that need to be sorted, thrown away, donated, and organized. There are a couple of rooms that I'd like to rearrange and paint. There's some trim work that needs to be finished and some more that needs to be replaced. There are quite a few other "little" projects as well. Things that aren't difficult themselves, just time consuming.
Part of this list includes some cleaning. I'm not talking about "every day" cleaning. I'm talking about the really up high and down low spots. The areas that don't usually get touched during "normal" cleaning.
So, a few nights ago, I got out my broom and went about accomplishing one of these projects.
Cleaning the cobwebs from the cathedral ceiling in our dining room.
While we do have a tall ladder, it is in the garage. And, well, the garage is COLD.... and the ladder is hard to handle. And, I just figured I could accomplish this task more quickly without the ladder.
So, I aimed, and THREW the broom at the cobwebs!
I must say, the first couple of tosses were pretty successful. The broom hit the cobwebs and began to loosen them.
HA! Umm... yeh, that's my broom... stuck on my curtain. Dave was home and able to retrieve the broom for me, only after both of us had a good laugh though.
I am happy to say that all cobwebs are down, and the broom, as well as the curtains survived :).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Camping "In"

We were away this past Monday night, and returned on Tuesday.

When we got home, we found our house very cold. We had run out of oil. The same amount we've always ordered in years past just doesn't last quite as long as it used to. We called our oil company, and found that they couldn't deliver until Wednesday.

With a cold night ahead of us, we had to form a plan. The boys wasted no time in coming up with it!

Family Campout in the Living Room Night!!

As quickly as Dave and I agreed, the sleeping bags were gathered.
We got a fire roaring in the fireplace, and some good friends dropped by a couple of space heaters. Before we knew it, it was a comfy 70 degrees, and we'd settled in for the night. We played board games, watched TV together and enjoyed our time together.

Perhaps we'll have another camp "in" ... but this time, with heat :-).

Innocent Ears

We were recently blessed with the opportunity to go to a Washington Capitals game. We were given 4 tickets, that included buffets, sodas, etc. Plus, the seats were fantastic!! It was quite a treat!

The same source (Dave's sister) has also given us Wizards tickets. So, our 4 boys split evenly, 2 wanting to go to the basketball game, and 2 to the hockey game.

Last Monday was the hockey game, and our 10 year-old and almost 6 year-old came with us.

The Capitals were playing the Rangers. It was a good game, that ended in a shoot out...very exciting!

I think hockey fans are some of the most enthusiastic fans in professional sports. The games are fun, loud, and the fans are usually die-hard, cheering their team on, as well as making their opinions known.

There was a point during the game that the fans were not happy. They made their voices known, proudly chanting, "Rangers suck". Yeh, not a word we use in our home... I'm sorry to have used it here. But, read on, and you'll understand :).

While our 10 year-old understood what was being chanted, and knew better than to join in, we weren't sure what our little man was thinking. I was sitting there, realizing that it wasn't the most horrible thing they could hear at a game, but also praying that our little guy's ears would be protected.

At that moment, he joined in with the chant, pumping his fist and shouting. Dave leaned down to him and asked him what he was saying...

"Pull off their socks!!!"  :-)

We laughed so hard! This became our cheer for the rest of the game, and I have a strong feeling that we'll never forget it.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mr. Snowman

 My little man, dressed up in the hat and scarf of our snowman kit...
I asked him, "Who are you?!"
He answered, "Mr. Snowman."

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Really Cute Idea!

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of this gift we were given.
It's SO creative, SO simple, and just plain CUTE!!
My friend, who gave us these, said she found the idea on the internet. But, she came through with sharing it with us, and says that I can share it with you too :-).
My bottle of root beer has a bow on its head :-).

Goodbye Christmas, Hello Winter!

The glow of the Christmas tree is wonderful! It allows just the right amount of light to snuggle by, sharing a cup of hot chocolate.

It's so pretty, that 3 years ago I found a way to keep it around for the entire winter!

We just redecorate one of our trees. The rest of the decorations are put away, and our white pre-lit tree is moved to our family room, where it is decorated for winter.

We put "snow" on the mantle, along with a collection of snowmen. The white lights underneath the "snow" and on the tree are so pretty. We all love the warmth it adds to the room.... even our dog, Daisy :-). 

Goodbye Christmas...

...hello winter.

Daisy enjoys the warmth from the lights underneath the "tree skirt"... a white bed sheet.

Christmas Conundrum

I know it's a little after-the-fact. But, I found this funny and thought I'd share it.

For about 2 weeks before Christmas, my kitchen was in "making mode". My side table and counter tops were covered with ingredients and, then, with completed bags of caramel popcorn and boxes of fudge.

I LOVE making and baking during the Christmas season. So much so, that sometimes I overdo it a little. (I know I cannot be the only one.)

One evening, when Dave got home, he asked me (very nicely), "When are you going to be done with the baking? What is it about this time of year that drives one to do so much baking?"

I laughed as I pondered his questions.

Then, my sister-in-law gave me a cute little book with Christmas stories/poems in it.

I had to laugh when I read this short poem.

Christmas Conundrum
by Scott Emmons
I frequently find myself asking
(though it's not like it keeps me awake)
Why Christmas gives so many people
a neurotic compulsion to bake!

Friday, January 7, 2011

"I LOVE this day!"

This morning started like many others. When I came downstairs, 2 of my children were in the living room, while the other 2 were in the kitchen, finishing up their breakfasts.
My 2nd born greeted me with his famous last question, "Hi Mommy! What are we doing today?" ...he ALWAYS wants the run down of our schedule. He likes to know what to expect.

So, I gave him the plan for our day. We'd be doing some schoolwork, spelling tests, some cleaning out and organizing, and playing :-).

One of his younger brothers was listening in, and responded enthusiastically,

"I LOVE this day!"

We all laughed, enjoying the moment together, and I couldn't help but to think of Psalm 118:24...

"This is the day which the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it."

I want to wake up each day with the attitude my son showed me today. I want to find joy in the simplest of tasks. I want to bring joy and show God's love to those around me... especially my husband and my children. I want my son's simple statement to stay with me.
And, as my eyes open each morning and close each night, I want to say,

"I LOVE this day!"

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