Saturday, December 5, 2015

look up

my oldest son called me this evening. i thought he was calling to tell me that he was on his way home, as is his normal habit. but this time, he asked all of us to please come outside, emphasizing to please not open the big garage door, allowing abundant light to shine.

having no idea of what he desired to show us, i gathered his brothers. several thoughts running through my head...perhaps there are deer or some other kind of animal. maybe carolers or an unexpected guest. whatever the surprise, my son was excited to show us and i was excited to see it.

we headed out the side door, meeting him in the driveway. he was alone, and there were no obvious signs of animals, or anything else to see, for that matter.

his brothers all chimed, "what is it? what do you want to show us?"

beckoning us a little further into the darkness of the night, only to see more clearly..
he simply said, "look up."

a crystal clear sky before us, layered stars shone brightly...some close, some at the deepest point our eyes could see. all of it exquisite, consuming our senses and breathtaking.

and i marveled at a young man who chooses to see God's creation and desires to share its beauty with us.

and i couldn't help but to think...this is really how it should always be. when we experience the goodness of God, we should always desire to share it with someone. when we see Him clearly, we should call someone to let them know how they can see Him as well. when our soul is satisfied by the most magnificent Creator, we should seek out someone who is thirsty for such beauty, and remind them that He alone is the soul-quencher.

because we all, at some point, need reminders to look up.

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