Tuesday, January 3, 2017


a new year dawns and the best laid plans are once again drawn, doodles in journals and neatly written lists. lofty goals to reach towards, finish lines to cross. old habits to break and new habits to form. some dream up big dreams, detailed strategies of just how to wake up on the accomplished side. others dream big dreams but refuse to wake up at all, fear stifling their next steps. 

and it's not that any of these plans or dreams are inherently bad. we all must keep working, keep living, keep on keeping on at whatever is before us. but i wonder what would happen if every one of those goals, every one of those dreams were laid before God. if we trusted the keeper of the stars with every detail of our lives and fell before Him in complete surrender.

 the only good posture to approach God with is one of surrender, control relinquished to the only One who knows the plans He has for us. is it possible that relinquishing our plans to God's purpose would cause any of those plans to change? are we actually willing for them to change? or are we clinging too tightly to what we believe is the only successful road, so focused on reaching our accomplishments that His plans possibly fall out of our line of vision. 

i can say that for myself, my only goal is surrender. complete surrender, hands wide open to His grasp alone.. His leading. a heart surrendered allows the details of life to fall into place. 

 may the Holy Spirit be the loudest voice in my heart, may my feet only land on the path God has laid, my hands accomplish only the work He has for me to do. how freeing to rest in the knowledge that it is He alone who lights the way. oh, that we wouldn't miss it, stubbornly fighting for control. His way is always best. 

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