Monday, June 11, 2012

checking in

it's become obvious to me, that the only good thing that may occur whilst my hubby is away, is that i take the extra time spent awake to write and blog more often. though, given a choice between bleary-eyed blogging and sleeping contented next to my husband, i definitely choose the latter.

but, here i am, checking in.
the past couple weeks have been crazy busy .. possibly crazier than normal-crazy. except for a 2-day respite following his return, hubby jumped into one of his busiest seasons yet. all good things, but a lot of good things. in addition, almost every night has held baseball for at least one of our boys, sometimes two playing simultaneously. the regular season is wrapping up though, bringing about a sort of bittersweet "ready for a break" but "not so ready for the end of baseball" feeling. it's been a good season for everyone.

last weekend, our church celebrated it's 15th anniversary. we partied in the only way we know...with tons of homecooked food. one of our farming families even donated a hog, which a huge-cooker-owning-gentleman kindly cooked, losing an entire night's sleep in the process. but, oh my, was it good! the aroma as we left the church on Sunday morning was enough to lure the whole county back for the picnic that afternoon. and, when we arrived back, that's what seemingly had happened! the parking lot was FULL. we had a wonderful afternoon and evening of fun, food and fellowship with our incredible church body. we are so grateful for our brothers and sisters God has surrounded us with!

this past week, our youngest participated in a baseball clinic each morning. he had such a great time, learning some new drills and practicing old skills. this boy of ours breathes baseball. he absolutely loves the game. the best part of this camp though was that Jesus was talked about. coach called it "School's Out, God Loves Baseball Camp". he didn't have to talk about his faith in Jesus Christ, but he did. the coach shared each day, and before and after clinic, a couple coaches and an energetic group of 7 and 8 year old baseball players stopped, and bowed their heads. their prayers were simple, heartfelt thanks for the beauty of the day and the opportunity to play a simple game with bat and ball. but, they were said. and, i couldn't help but think that with all the bad going on in this world; in a little town of Maryland, voices of praise were being lifted up. what a sweet aroma they had to be to God.

this week begins another busy one, this time with our older 3 in basketball day camp. while i will miss them, i am looking forward to making some special memories with my baby boy. we also wrap up our regular season of baseball this week. baseball's not ending entirely for us though! our little man recieved word this weekend that he made the all-star team. and, we're all happy for him as well. now, to gear up for the 2nd half of this season.

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