Thursday, April 19, 2012

13 ...unfathomable

it seems only yesterday you stood in your crib with dandelion hair and eyes so big and bright.
you stared right into my heart and won it completely.

you've always laughed easy, the curve of your smile causing your eyes to dance.
when faced with the challenge of being goofy, you face it head on,
keeping our family fully dosed in laughter.
it is the best medicine there is.

you've an uncanny sense of when the camera shutter will close and
 serious pictures are hard to come by.
but we laugh together as we take them, sometimes to tears.
and every picture exudes you, exactly as you are.

you're a joy.
and while pictures don't often show your serious side, you do have one.
a side that searches, notices, reflects and shares deeply.
i love every side of who God made you.

part of me cannot fathom that thirteen years have really passed.
cliche says "it's gone so fast", but reality proves it's true.
my heart and mind cannot seem to catch up.

from holding you in my arms, to chubby toddler hands wrapped around my finger.
now, your neck is thick and your suddenly deep voice assures me that manhood has arrived.
and while i'm sure my neck hasn't thickened right along with yours,
 perhaps watching yours has formed this lump in my throat.

 i couldn't be more proud of you.
this stretching and growing these past thirteen years, we've done it together.
now, literally looking up at those same big brown eyes, i see Jesus in your love.

i love you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

12 years old

like a footprint in the sand washed away by the ocean, so the last twelve years have vanished. 

from baby powder fresh to a soft musky smell, time promises manhood on the brink of tomorrow.
but, for today, you still wake up my boy.
 and, i'm holding on to each moment,
not knowing whether today will be the last that i recognize the little boy in your face.

your eyes still hold the same kind of thoughtful. i think they always will. 
a thoughtful of others, always concerned about their hearts.
at two, you asked your entire class if they knew Jesus, and today you share Him with your teammates.

your laughter is rich, full of joy, and contagious in the best way.
i laugh the hardest when we laugh together.

you're a treasure to me and your Daddy, and have been since the moment we knew of your coming.
we know the past twelve years have only been a glimpse of the wonderful years to come.
we love you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


standing in my laundry room, i folded what seemed the hundredth garment, and at least the fifthieth one i had to right-side-out. my hands know this routine so well that little thought is needed. often, i use this time to pray, but this day i hear a voice singing.

my boys used to ask me if i knew that i was singing... as i cooked at the stove, cleaned up the kitchen, or decorated a shelf for the new season. this was when the singing was new.

there are intentional moments of song, those moments of thanks and joy for the privilege to live this life God has given me. but, other times, i'm caught off guard, like a kid humming in class too many times, finally called out by the teacher.

this day in the laundry room was a caught off guard song. the voice i heard was my own. the song, one of thanks and praise.

as i 'right-side-outed' another shirt, i heard my song, and realized there was a day when 'right-side-outing' and folding laundry did not sound melodious.

God has made the difference, this complete change of character.

in prayer, "when did laundry become a time of worship?"
"When you allowed your heart to realize that you are not serving your family, but Me."

and this my heart realized before my brain.. this serving of Him and not them.
serving Him is the only way to serve anyone
without selfish ambition.

and what better motivation is there? than to serve the King of Kings?

"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men; knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve."
Colossians 3:23-24

with thanks i serve Him, so grateful for the change He has made in me, His Spirit indwelling so richly.

continuing in thanks...
274...extra cuddles with my third
275...a morning of treasure hunting and laughter with treasured friends
276...God's mercy, new every morning
277...sweet friends who check on our sick one, and pray
278...a cleaned out closet..putting away clean clothes is so much fun
279...stories read aloud with my sick ones, laughter so great

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Spring touches

Have you ever been to Hobby Lobby??? If not, you have got to get to one! You will love it!

Yesterday, four friends and I road tripped about 30 minutes away to shop, be inspired, and find some deals. We were not disappointed.

I showed restraint, and walked away with only two home decor items.

The first is this wall plaque. One of my friends found it for me (she knows me well), carrying it around in her cart until we found each other in the store. I love how the words talk about our story, saying "Home is where your story begins", and that it looks like a book itself.

The second item spoke to me. I just could not get it out of my cart. I put it back three times, and picked it up again. It had to come home with me. Everything about it... I love. It resembles a book, but it is a box. The rugged wood reminds me of the splintered, rugged wood of Jesus' cross, and of course, the crosses on it are an obvious reminder of the cross He bore for us.

I see it just about everywhere in my home... on the mantle, side tables, entrance table, and so on... 

Right now, I joined it with some items I had on top of a shelf in my living room. The only other thing in this collection that I bought is the vase, which I got from a second-hand store last Fall. The rest of it was given to me. I do love the shofar and Jesus sign paired with the box. They seem to just go together.

While these next items are not from Hobby Lobby, they are 'newish'.

In my kitchen, my little plant table is set up with a flower, given to me by our sweet group of mothers with toddlers, when I spoke with them a few weeks ago. I placed the plant in a dish that I got from the Christmas Tree Store. The ribbon was in it when I bought it. It matches the plant perfectly, and it is great for this time of year. The versatility of this piece appealed to me when I bought it. I am looking forward to being able to change out the ribbon for different seasons, utilizing the dish for food service, centerpieces and other things. The bird cage was purchased a couple weeks ago, a gift to me from my parents. We got it at Repurposed and Refined.*Locals to me... this is another place you have to check out!

Also from Repurposed and Refined, this darling little chick. He's such a happy fella, sitting on my window sill. 

Wrapping up this little tour, here is my Spring mantle. I had all of these items on hand. I reused my parent's old window, centering it, and hanging a 'springy' heart on it. I then surrounded it with items I had throughout my house... a birdhouse that I painted years ago, a little nest, trellised flowers that have journeyed from the guest room to the bathroom, now to the mantle, and my Willowtree figurines.

I hope you have spruced up some spaces in your home with your own touches of Spring.
It is such a wonderful time of year, so full of life and promise!

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