Friday, May 6, 2011

2 little witnesses

We were at the baseball field last night... again...  I know you're all surprised...

Caleb had a game, while J and "I" had practice.

After their practice, J and "I" rejoined us on the bleachers, to watch the remainder of C's game. "I" hadn't been back but a few minutes when he turned to me and said, "I know who are Christians on my team." He then proceeded to tell me that he and J had asked every one of their teammates if they knew Jesus as their Saviour. They asked them if they'd accepted Him into their lives, asking Him for forgiveness from their sins, and trusting Him as the only way to heaven.

Apparently, one of their teammates, who answered these questions affirmatively, started singing "I Am a "C"...I am a C-H...I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N...". Our boys chimed in, and a couple other boys who knew the song, and it became an impromptu, little "team chant".

Meanwhile, Dave was working concession duty, with some parents from J and I's team. Another parent, who'd overheard J and "I", came to the concession window and told Dave what our boys were doing. This parent wasn't upset. In fact, he was pleased, as well as amazed at how bold Jacob and Isaac were. A few of the other parents working concessions, overheard the conversation and joined in. Dave said it became the topic of the evening.

I asked J and "I" what made them decide to talk to their teammates about Jesus. Although God is someone we talk about everyday in our house, and we emphasize that our goal in every activity, wherever we are, is to be an example of Christ to those around us... we hadn't told our boys to "go get'um tonight". Their response....

"We wouldn't be very good friends, or friends at all, if we didn't tell them about Jesus."


Thank you for the lesson, boys.

Oh, that I would have the boldness of my children, and talk to others about Jesus every chance I get. I'm going to take a lesson from my 2 little witnesses. I'm not being a very good friend if I don't.

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